The best new app to make tradies more money

Advertising your Tradie business can be a complicated and expensive task, I get it. You try a bunch of different platforms, not really sure what you are doing but throwing a few hundred dollars here and there, trying to get some results. It’s frustrating, you have a business to run, and you just don’t have time for that.

What if there was a better way to get more work without having to be a Google expert (What even is a CTR?!), pay expensive subscription fees just to sit on a listing page, or give away your hard-earned cash in commission fees (I mean who doesn’t want to keep their earnings?)

Well , now there is. Spetz takes care of finding you customers so that you can focus on doing what you actually do best. The Spetz platform cuts out the middleman and gives you direct access to targeted customers in your area, only at the times you are available to speak to them, and the best thing? No membership fees, commissions or upfront costs, you only pay for the calls you receive.

So if you want real customers who are genuinely interested in using your service and not just asking around for a quote, click here to check out Spetz.