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Spetz Pty Ltd Privacy Policy 

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Updated: February 2021 

Please note that this policy may be updated by Spetz Pty Ltd (Spetz) at any time. 

What is in this policy? 

The Privacy Act 1988 requires entities bound by the Australian Privacy Principles to have a privacy policy.  Spetz is committed to best practice of protecting the privacy and security of our customers’ personal information and complying with Commonwealth legislation governing privacy of personal information by businesses and to protecting and safeguarding your privacy when you deal with us. 

This Policy tells you: 

  • What information we might collect about you 

  • How we might use this information 

  • What personal information we might share with others 

  • Your choices about the personal information we might have about you 

We encourage all Spetz’s users and customers to refer to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website at www.oaic.gov.au which contains important information about privacy laws in Australia. 

What does this policy cover? 

This Policy covers information about you which we, Spetz, collect, use and share if you use our mobile application or websites, including spetz.app (the “System”) or use any of our other services and offerings anywhere in the world.  We do not currently share your data with other companies in our group, however in the event we choose to do so, we will be doing so for the purposes of providing you with the services set out herein and will update this privacy policy accordingly.  

By accessing Spetz websites or apps or using our products or services, you consent to the terms of this policy and Spetz’sTerms & Conditions and agree to be bound by them.  

This Policy specifically applies to: 

  • Specialists/Service providers – individuals who use the System to offer their professional services or expertise to Customers; 

  • Customers – individuals who use the System to look for Specialists who can assist them with their needs. 

What Information we might collect about you? 

  1. Information you provide: 

On registering an account: 

  • Specialists/Service Providers 

  • Personal contact details such as full name, title, address, telephone number and email address. 

  • Chosen username and password 

  • Date of birth, gender and a photograph 

  • Work areas and location 

  • ABN 

  • Payment or banking information (including payment related verification information) 

  • Details regarding the services you offer and your experience 

  • Copy of driving licence 

  • Proof of qualification to work in regulated fields 


  • Customers 

  • Personal contact details such as full name, title, address, telephone number and email address 

  • Chosen username and password 

  • Location 

  • Date of birth, gender 

  • On sending us an email or contacting us via our websites: email address. 

  • On providing feedback on the System or another user: full name, email address and phone number. 

Without these details we may not be able to carry on our business and provide you with the products or services you require or the level of services which we aim to offer. 

  1. Information created or collected when you use our Service 

This includes: 

  • When using the Service: 

  • Information about your device, operation system and browser, such as model of phone you use, and the version of the software on your mobile, what browser on a computer, and if you are using Apple or Google based smartphones. 

  • Your location data, so that we can match Specialists and Customers who are near each other. Please note that you always have the ability to opt-in or opt-out of sharing this information with us at any time through your device settings – simply go to the setting section of your account or the setting section of our mobile application and set the “allow us to use your location data” to “on” or “off”. If you disable this feature, it may impair your use of the Services, as we will not be able to match Customers with Specialists who are nearby. 

  • Information about how you interact with our System – when you visit our web page or use the mobile application we collect the date and time and information about the way you used the site or application. For example, we may note which parts you have visited and whether you have left the page or closed the application without using our services. We may also collect information about unexpected technical problems with our application (such as a crash of the mobile applicable) and notices and alerts provided by the System. 


  • When contacting us via phone, email or the “contact us” form on our website or app: 

  • Record of your conversations with us – we keep information about any calls you make to our service centre and emails and letters you send us and may record the phone conversations you have with us. 


  1.  Information from other sources 

This includes: 

  • For Specialists/Service Providers: feedback about your Customers such as ratings or compliments. 

  • Information about how you provided your services which other users may give us as part of a complaint or enquiry. 

Marketing service providers 

  • Information about you that our partners and other service providers may share with us – for example google may share with us some details from your profile (such as your age and gender) and tell how you found our web page and websites you visit. For more information about cookies and other tracking technologies we use to get such information, please see our Cookies Policy. 

How we will use your information 

We use your information to provide our Services and help pair Specialists/Service Providers with Customers. 

We also use the information we collect: 

  • To create an account for you either as a Customer or as a Specialist/Service Provider so that you can use our Services. You will not be able to create an account without the required information; 

  • For customer support and resolving problems; 

  • To improve our Services and offerings; 

  • To verify transactions and prevent fraud; 

  • To keep you updated on changes, promotions and offerings we have; and 

  • As required by law or by legal authority. 

Providing services and features 

We use your personal information to adapt our Services to your needs, for example: 

  • We use ratings and feedback on Specialists which we receive from Customers to provide better recommendations to other Customers. For more information on the Automated Decision Making system we use to suggest a match, please see the section below. 

  • We use information you give us about your preferences to adapt the Services we provide to you. For example, if you prefer using voice commands instead of typing text. 

Providing Customer and Technical support 

We use information about the Services you received (or provided) and issues you raise in order to try and offer a solution. To do this we may: 

  • Examine information we collect about your use of our Services to verify and understand your problem. 

  • Monitor your use of our services to verify that we succeeded in solving a problem. 

  • Contact you if you ask us to or if we need more information about an issue you have raised. 

  • We may record telephone calls you make to a specialist via the system in order to later examine your interactions with specialists, our people or our system (including records of calls which you make). In the introduction to any such call we will provide you with a notice along the lines “your call is being transferred to the relevant specialist”. 

  • Contact other relevant users of Spetz to collect more information about you or your problem 

Developing and improving our Services and offerings 

We may use the information we collect about you and the way you use our Services to improve, and to develop new features and offers. For example, we may review some actions you took and the feedback you gave us to offer better options for you or other users of Spetz. 

Verifying Transactions and Preventing Fraud 

We may need to use information we collect about you and how you used our Services, to train our staff, verify transactions, prevent fraud and solve disputes. For example, we may listen to recordings of calls between you and our staff to verify what has been actually said, or by whom. 

Keep you updated on changes, promotions and offers we have 

We may use information we collect about you to: 

  • Keep you updated about changes to our services – for example use your contact details to send you email on new features or tell you about changes to the terms of our service or to this Privacy Policy. 

  • Send direct marketing material and display targeted advertisements – if you give us permission, we may use your contact details and the information we collect about the way you interact with us, as well as additional information we might have about you (for example your age or address) to send you targeted marketing materials. 

You can tell us at any time at info@spetz.app to stop sending you direct marketing or use your information for targeted advertisement. Please note that you might still be presented by targeted advertisement by other platforms or third parties which we do not control. 

In connection with Legal requirements 

We may collect, use and keep information about you to investigate or address claims or disputes relating to the use of our Services or your interactions with us, or if we are required to do so by law or as ordered or requested by regulators, government entities, and official inquiries. 

Profiling and Automatic Decision Making 

Profiling: we use and combine information we collect about you in order to create a profile of your inferred preferences and needs, and if you are a Specialist, also of the characteristics and qualities of your offering. This profile is created and updated automatically by our systems on the basis of new or updated information we collect when you use our Services (such as Customer ratings). 

Automatic Decision Making: we use your profile to make automatic decision about: 

  • How to best match you with a Specialist if you are a Customer looking for one, or, if you are a Specialist/Service Provider, how to best match you with a Customer who needs your services or expertise. 

  • Determining Specialist ratings, and deactivating Specialists with low ratings. 

  • Deactivating users who are identified as having engaged in fraud or activities that may otherwise harm Spetz, its users, and others. 

We have designed our system to automatically match Specialists and Customers in a consistent and fair manner based on relevant information, but if you have concerns you can contact us at info@spetz.app to discuss this further. 

When do we share your information with others? 

If you are a Specialist/Service Provider, we need to share information about you (name, ratings, experience) with Customers looking for services in the field of expertise you provide. 

If you are a Customer, once you have requested the help of a Specialist, we will share your contact details (name, phone number) and information about your location and request with the Specialist requested. 

We may also need to share information about you and Services you requested, received or provided with other users when we verify or try to solve a problem you had with them or when you ask us to (for example when you post on our public forums). 

We also share your information with partners and services who: 

  • maintain our systems and information 

  • help us process your payment information 

  • help us with customer support 

  • help us investigate or solve disputes 

  • help us develop our services and offer new features and products 

  • provide us with information about how people use our services 

  • help us market and promote our services 

  • display advertisements on our web site or in our mobile application 

Transfer of personal information overseas 

In order to provide you with the best products and services possible, we may transfer or disclose personal information we have collected about you to a person or organisation in a foreign country including: 

  • to our service providers located in the Philippines  

  • to service providers who store data or operate outside Australia; and/or 

  • otherwise as required or authorised by law. 

Where we do this, we take reasonable steps to ensure that those parties do not breach the Australian Privacy Principles. 

How long do we keep your information 

We keep your information for as long as you use our Services (note we cannot provide our services without your information) and delete it one year after we close your account at your request, or if your account is not active for a long time. 

You can ask us at any time to delete your information by emailing info@spetz.app  and we will delete all information which we do not need to keep for legal reasons such as: 

  • keeping financial records of payments and transactions, 

  • honouring your choice to unsubscribe from our mailing list or not to be contacted, 

  • dealing with open disputes, 

  • keeping legal evidence of agreements we had or actions we took, 

  • compiling with court orders, police warrants or instructions of other legal authorities. 

If we do need to keep personal information about you for any such legal reasons we will keep it for seven (7) years in accordance with the relevant legislation. 

Security and storage 

Spetz places a great importance on the security of all information associated with our customers and Specialists/Service providers. We have security measures in place to protect against the misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure of personal information under our control. 

No data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100 per cent secure. As a result, while we strive to protect user’s personal information, Spetz cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to it or from its online products or services, and users do so at their own risk. 

We note that you are solely responsible for keeping your passwords and/or account information secret. You should be careful and responsible whenever you are online. 

Access to and correction of personal information 

Spetz is committed to maintaining accurate, timely, relevant, and appropriate information about our customers and web-site users. 

If you believe that the personal information that we hold about you is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, you may request that inaccurate information will be corrected. To ensure confidentiality, details of your personal information will be passed on to you only if we are satisfied that the information relates to you. 

To obtain access or seek correction of your personal information that we hold, please contact us using the details set out below in the section titled “Contact UsSo long as your request for your personal information is in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles, then we will give you access to that information. 

If we refuse to provide you with access or correct the personal information held about you by us, then we will provide reasons for such refusal. 


If you have concerns as to whether there has been a breach of privacy or you do not agree with a decision we have made about access to or correction of personal information, you can make a complaint by emailing us at info@spetz.app  

We will investigate your complaint and attempt to resolve, within 30 days, any breach that might have occurred in relation to the collection, use or destruction of personal information held by us about you in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy legislation.  

If you are not happy with the way we have handled your complaint they may refer the matter to our external dispute resolution scheme or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. 

Contact us 

If you require further information regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us through the following means: Email us at contact@spetz.app  

Should you wish to read more information on privacy legislation or the Australian Privacy Principles we recommend that you visit the Office of the Information Commissioner’s website at www.oaic.gov.au. 

Changes to this Privacy Policy 

This privacy policy is effective from February 2021. 

Any changes we may make to this privacy policy will be posted on this page. If changes are significant, we may choose to notify you by email or to clearly indicate on our home page and in our mobile application that the policy has been updated.