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Trusted by over 502,727 customers

Trusted by over 502,727 customers

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Does your kitchen need a fresh lick of paint? Need a professional to paste your wallpaper or would like a new colour outside your house? With Spetz, you can find a top rated Painter & Decorator near you at the touch of a button. Our system will connect you with the best available Painter & Decorator in your area within 30 seconds!
Simply fill out the location where you need Painter & Decorator services, your name, and phone number and hit “Spetz-It”. You can also schedule the time the local Painter & Decorator will call you and add some details about the problem if you wish.
If you need any of these services, request for a Painter & Decorator now through Spetz and get instant results:
  • Wallpaper hanging
  • Patterned wall coverings
  • Feature walls
  • Paint stripping
  • Commercial decorating
  • Painting work for wooden frames
  • Interior decorating and painting
  • Exterior decorating and painting
  • Skimming plaster
  • And more…

Top questions about Painter and Decorator services

All Spetz ratings are from 100% verified customers who can only rate the specialist once they have used the Spetz service.

This way you can rest assured that you will be provided with a quality, reliable and trusted professional who has been rated by previous customers.

Your specialist will call directly to the number provided when you filled out your request.

You can view the average rating of the specialist that contacts you in the Spetz app, just go “My requests” and tap on the provider that you want to view. click here to download the app.

Spetz will connect you directly with the service provider that you request, and from there you can both have an open discussion about the times and dates that you want to get the job done. We simply provide the connection and let you both get on with it.

No, Spetz is absolutely free to use. 

Spetz works in any location across Australia, 24/7.