Struggling to find customers?

We can help. Spetz takes care of finding you customers, so that you can focus on doing what you do best.  

Thousands of customers are using Spetz to get connected to reliable tradies and service providers like you.

Start receiving calls from customers in your local area today.

Struggling to find customers?

We can help. Spetz takes care of finding you customers, so that you can focus on doing what you do best.  

Thousands of customers are using Spetz to get connected to reliable tradespeople and service providers like you. 

Start receiving calls from customers in your local area today! 

Only 100% Verified Customers

How Spetz works


Set up your profile based on the areas you want to work, your skillset and availability.


When a customer makes a service request which matches your profile, you’ll get the job details so you can contact the customer directly, make a good impression and win the work.


You will then have access to your customer’s contact details and can contact them directly for any future jobs or follow-up work.


“…Spetz identifies the user’s location, matches them with the top-rated available service provider in their area quickly…”

No Membership Fees

What makes Spetz different

No calls, no fees

With Spetz, you won’t pay a subscription fee or commissions on your jobs. Instead, you only pay when a customer service call is sent to you. If you don’t get any service calls, you don’t pay.

Cut out the middleman

Spetz gives you direct access to your customers and are not involved inside your deals. We give you the freedom to do it your way. We found that service providers like you prefer to work like this.

Get priority with exclusive calls

Be the only specialist the customer connects with and get the job before anyone else knows about it.

Spetz Suits You Best​

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What Our Specialists Say

FAQs for Specialists

Spetz is an online service which connects service providers and tradespeople with customers in their local area. 

There are several benefits to joining Spetz:   

✔Spetz connects you to customers quickly, with an average connection time of around 30 seconds  

✔Spetz is risk-free — there are no upfront costs, and you’ll only pay a small fee when a customer service call is sent to you. 

✔Spetz gives you direct access to your customers, meaning that you can avoid fees and contact your customers directly for any future work. 

✔Spetz gives you full control over the times you receive calls and the areas you work.

Spetz charges a small amount for the service calls that are sent to you.  Service call prices are based on the service you offer and location and you’ll see all the prices in the registration process.

We know how frustrating it is to have to pay for a service that ends up not being very useful. Instead of charging costly membership fees, Spetz charges on a per- service call basis. That means that you’ll only pay for our services when you’re offered the opportunity to win work.  

You will receive service requests through text message and/or email.   

You can easily edit your availability, the services you offer and the areas you cover using the Spetz for Specialistapp. If you need any help, you can always contact our business support team.

We have over 400 services on the Spetz system, including all trade and home improvement services.  

We are constantly adding to our service types, so if you don’t see what you do, let us know

We are with you all the way, that’s why we have the Spetz Loyalty Programme, so you can get free credit based on your monthly usage, which means you get more jobs!

You will receive a bonus into your account to get more service calls and continue to grow your business with us. This means you can get up to 50% off the service call price.

How to Get Started

Create your account

Add your business details, services you offer, areas you cover and schedule.

Complete your registration

You will join our 'Use now, Pay later' plan as well as free access to our Specialists Loyalty Programme to earn rewards.

Turn on the app and get new customers

With the 'Spetz for Specialists app' you have complete control to change all your settings. We also make it easy for you to see all your transactions and payment history inside the app.

Always here for you

24/7 online support

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