Spetz™is a global online, AI-powered marketplace platform that dynamically connects consumers to nearby rated service providers in around 30 seconds. 

Spetz enables you to request a service from tradesperson or service provider to do a job , after which a service provider will call you in around 30 seconds!  

Simply fill out the Spetz app or website fields requesting the service provider  you are looking for, wait approximately 30 seconds for contact from a local, available service provider that matches your needs! 

Spetz service providers are in your location and can arrange for the job you require to get donwhen convenient for you, either now if urgent, or at a later timeproviding a fast, efficient, service provider and reliable service. 

Save time and energy finding a suitable service provider to do the job you need! 

No more searching through directories or receiving many different alternative quotes from other old fashioned websites. 

You can receive a direct service call from a rated service provider by entering your request for a service from a relevant service provider. 

No, if you’re a customer looking for a service you can use Spetz to receive a call from a service provider free of charge any time.  Spetz allows any customer to use it for private or commercial use in accordance with the Spetz’s terms of use. 

Customers can access Spetz by downloading the Spetz app from Google Play or theApp Store.  Simply start filling out the fields to receive a direct service call from a local, available service provider within approximately 30 seconds! 

Spetz is super easy to use! 

Spetz directs you to the right service provider based on your requirements. Once you fill in your details all you have to do is wait for the service provider to call.

Spetz works in any location across the UK, Australia and Israel.

Spetz maintains a response rate of approximately 30 secondsIt’s a new innovative service app, revolutionizing the service provider industry! 

Spetz has a list of over 400 different services to choose from to fit your specific job requirement. 

The drop-down menu allows you to select a service provider from a wide range of job categories ranging from tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, builders and painters, to service providers such as wedding planners, caterers and chauffeurs, to service providers such as solicitors and surveyors. 

Whichever service provider you need, Spetz-It! 

You can choose a suitable time for the service provider to contact you by filling in the required field when you request a Specialist.

If you’re not satisfied with the first Specialist that you speak to, you have an option to request to speak with more.

Spetz chooses the best-matched Specialist available. However, it is always recommended that you personally check the credentials of the Specialist along with any qualifications required by law that the Specialist needs in order to carry out the job.

All Spetz ratings are from 100% verified customers who can only rate the specialist once they have used the Spetz service. 

This way you can rest assured that you will be provided with a quality, reliable and trusted professional who has been rated by previous customers.

Yes, once a service provider contacts you, their contact details are available to you, and you can contact them for future jobs via the Spetz app in the call history. 

Spetz selects the highest quality, efficient, suitable and best service provider available. However, if you find you are not satisfied with the service you have received from a provider, you are encouraged to rate the Specialist so that other potential customers are aware of your experience with that particular provider. 

Yes, Spetz protects your personal details according to the requirements set by the country in which you are using the service. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

  1. Download Spetz
  2. Once inside the app enter your name, location and phone number
  3. Select the service provider you require.
  4. Choose the time you wish to be contacted
  5. Press Spetz It!
  6. Wait for the service provider to call you!

It’s as simple as that.